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Groundbreaking Lgbt Moments In Hollywood | Celebrity Gossip And Entertainment News | Vh1 Celebrity

[Photo Credit: New Line Cinema] We offer several of those watershed events here. If your favorites didnt make the list, let us know what you think are the greatest highlights in the comments below. 1971: Sunday Bloody Sunday shows first shame-free gay kiss The British film about a bisexual man who is dating both a woman and man showed the first same-sex smooch without guilt. 1971: All in the Family bridges gay topics In a benchmark episode, Archie Bunker (Carroll OConnor) has to deal with his prejudices when he believes an old friend could be gay. The Huffington Post labeled this the frankest portrait of homosexuality on TV to kim kardashian zimbio date in 2013. 1972-73: Vincent Schiavelli, the first recurring gay kim kardashian exposed character on primetime television (The Corner Bar) [Photo Credit: ABC] While the series was short-lived, it will remain an LGBT staple for featuring openly gay Peter Panama to television audiences nationwide.
Source: http://www.vh1.com/celebrity/2014-11-21/groundbreaking-lgbt-hollywood-moments/

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