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Never-before Heard True Hollywood Stories

Never-Before Heard True Hollywood Stories The Coast Guard initially reported Orson's water-side food-nap as a beached whale. First responders were surprised http://enriquehil.soup.io to just-barely recognize the famed director, who reeked of the dankest nugs, his greasy lips quietly exhaling, "more bud." Betty Boop: IRL? According to our vetted informant, animation legend Max Fleischer did not just conjure the character of Betty Boop from the creative ether. In fact, Boop is based on an actual woman Fleischer briefly dated and kept in his secret bootlegging quarters. The real woman, Bethany Poope, suffered from cranial hyperostosis, a condition that caused her skull to grow to an download abnormal size. According to those who knew him at the time, many of his original "car-tunes" were filled with abnormal characters he found while traveling the inbred countryside, where he would promise fame and fortune out west, only to trap and imprison a group of "circus freaks" to fill his content well for many years to come.
Source: http://morningafter.gawker.com/never-before-heard-true-hollywood-stories-1616422094/+laceydonohue

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